Development rings larming bells in Congress camp -SAD

November 08, 2016 08:12 PM
Kaumi Marg Bureau

Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh has been consistently cribbing and has reduced himself to a “complaining boy of the Congress” pleading for early imposition of code of conduct in the state in wake of the upcoming assembly polls. Earlier,Amarinder had been knocking at the door of the party high command complaining against state party leaders to solicit top coveted slot for himself and now had is after the Election Commission of India  and busy complaining againstrivals. Cribbing has become his second habit, said Akali leaders. LambastingAmarinder for his childish demand for early code of conduct, cabinet ministers Daljit Cheema and Sharanjit Dhillion averred that election commission was awareof its role and would impose code of conduct at appropriate time along withsimilar step for other states going to polls early next year.
Amarinder is clearly demonstrating his bankruptcy of issues and clinching any and every issue. Moreover,he is not getting expected support response from Punjabis in run up to polls and hence his erratic outburst or demands resulting from obvious frustration, added duo.. These leaders asserted the SAD right to rule for the mandated period of fiveyears and they said none can dissuade them from taking decision in public interest and carry out development works till end. “During the five year tenure ofAmarinder,code of conduct remained in force for five years as no development initiatives were undertaken andthere was practically perpetual development holiday
for the state. Neither roads were built or repaired nor jobs were created. Besides, subsidies were
denied or huge cuts were effected during his tenure”, they added.
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