Amarinder Singh has questioned Kejriwal’s continued silence on the SYL issue

Devinder Singh Kohli /kaumimarg .com | November 11, 2016 04:45 PM
Amarinder Singh has questioned  Kejriwal’s continued silence on the SYL issue


Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh has questioned Mr. Arvind Kejriwal’s continued silence on the SYL issue even 24 hours after the Supreme Court’s verdict in the case, terming it as inexplicable.“Why this sudden and strange silence, Mr. Kejriwal,” asked Captain Amarinder, expressing surprise at the fact that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader had chosen, atypically for him, to maintain a studied silence on the matter.


“Tell us clearly, Mr. Kejriwal, are you with Punjab or with Haryana and Delhi on the SYL issue,” Captain Amarinder demanded to know, asserting that the time for the AAP leader to play games on the issue was now past.“Will you, or will you not, allow Punjab’s water to go to Haryana and Delhi,” Captain Amarinder asked in categorical terms, pointing out that given the fact that he was the chief minister of Delhi and belonged to Haryana, Kejriwal’s loyalties towards Punjab were highly suspect.Questioning Kejriwal’s credentials in projecting himself as the chief ministerial aspirant for Punjab, the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) president asked him to come clean on whether or not he intended to stand by the people of Punjab in this hour of need.

 “On behalf of the people of Punjab, I demand an answer,” said Captain Amarinder, adding that Kejriwal had given enough ground to believe that he would never support Punjab on the issue of SYL.The Punjab Congress chief pointed out that that the Kejriwal government had, in fact, filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court supporting Haryana in the matter. But with an eye on the Punjab elections, which Kejriwal is desperate to win, his government in Delhi had later gone back on its stand, claiming the affidavit to have been a case of technical error and even firing its lawyer for the same, the Punjab Congress president pointed out

Pointing to his contradictory statements in the past on the SYL issue, Captain Amarinder said Kejriwal had, time and again, exposed his duplicity when it came to issues of concern to the people of Punjab.  The Delhi chief minister’s flip flop on SYL clearly indicates his lack of sincerity towards the interests of Punjab, said Captain Amarinder, adding that while taking any stand is his prerogative, Kejriwal should remember that the dual games he is perpetually trying to play on all critical issues won’t be accepted by the people.

 Captain Amarinder pointed out that, during his Punjab visit, Kejriwal had categorically said that SYL canal should not be completed, but after returning to Delhi, had conveniently and shamelessly changed his tune to declare that there should be no politics over water.This, said Captain Amarinder, was characteristic of Kejriwal’s immoral behaviour and his propensity to lie, at the drop of his hat, on critical issues in order to take political mileage. The Punjab Congress president pointed out that the AAP leader had also failed to clarify his stand on other important issues pending between Punjab and Haryana, such as transfer of Chandigarh and Punjabi speaking areas.


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