Amarinder, Justice Ranjit Singh tie-up in the disastrous policy of vendetta-Badal

Devinder Singh Kohli | April 27, 2018 05:46 PM
Amarinder, Justice Ranjit Singh tie-up in the disastrous policy of vendetta-Badal



Chandigarh- Parkash Singh Badal former chief minister said here today the Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh was up to his old “policy of political and personal vendetta against the SAD in general and against him (Mr. Badal) in particular.”


The former Chief Minister also said that “Justice Ranjit Singh (Retd) had lowered the dignity of the judiciary in the country by allowing himself to be used as an “instrument of vendetta” in the hands of the Congress government in Punjab headed by Captain Singh.” “The entire country in general and the judicial and legal fraternity in particular have been shocked by Justice Ranjit Singh’s act of “practically releasing the so-called inquiry report on the sensitive issue of the sacrilege of the sacred Sri Guru Granth Sahib even while still going through the motions of collecting and recording our version of the events in this regard,” said the former Chief Minister.

Mr Badal also said ‘the timing of the release this sponsored, fake and prefabricated Congress document was significant as it comes on the eve of the by-election to the Shahkot assembly constituency scheduled for 28th of May. “This shows just how politicised the so-called report and the psyche of its authors is. This is a sad hour for the dignity of judiciary in the country,” said Mr Badal.

The former Chief Minster also pointed out the absurdity of Justice Ranjit Singh keeping up the pretence of still gathering evidence on one hand and releasing the so-called report to the media on the other.

Mr Badal was referring to a report in a section of the press which carried quotes ascribed to Justice Ranjit Singh on the sacrilege issue. “What a travesty of justice and abuse of the fair name of judiciary this double-talk by Justice Ranjit Singh (Retd) is !” said Mr Badal, adding that the only use of Justice Ranjit Singh to the Congress government was in the abuse of his signatures for a political document prepared at the Congress Bhawan. In the media report, Justice Ranjit Singh had claimed that he had already shared the contents of the report with Captain Amaridner Singh.

Mr Badal said that Captain Amaridner Singh had learnt nothing from his disastrous policy of confrontation and vendetta against the Akali leaders. “He subjected me, my family and practically every Akali leader and their families to the most inhuman, repressive and oppressive vendetta. He leveled the wildest allegations of amassing wealth against me and my colleagues and for five years, the Congress government did nothing except remaining obsessed with “Badla, Badli and Badal”. The judiciary vindicated us and all the allegations leveled by the Amarinder Government against us were disproved and rubbished by the honourable judiciary at that time. Punjabis also thoroughly rejected his policy and his allegations against us and pushed him to the margins of the political arena in Punjab for ten years. But Captain Singh had learnt nothing from that failure and has been pursuing vendetta against me and other Akali leaders and our cadre all through,” said Mr Badal.

The former Chief minister said that as a result of the CM’s total obsession with the policy of vendetta against us, governance in Punjab had come to standstill. Farmers, farm labourers, traders, employees and the poor the dalit sections were reeling under the impact of the mess created by the Congress government, he added

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