Rahul slams PM Modi's frugal interaction with media

Kaumimarg Bureau | May 10, 2018 03:49 PM
Rahul slams PM Modi's frugal interaction with media


Bengaluru, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not addressing a single press conference in four years.

Hours after addressing a media conference here, Gandhi promised to hold many more such interaction with journalists.

"Enjoyed meeting the regional and national press today in Bengaluru. We had a packed house! I am sorry not everyone got a chance to ask a question due to the paucity of time," Gandhi tweeted.

"But, unlike our Prime Minister who hasn't had a press conference in four years, I will be doing many more of these," he added.

Gandhi had officially thrown his hat into the ring on Tuesday. Asked at an event of prominent citizens in Bengaluru if he harboured prime ministerial ambitions, the Congress chief said: "Yes, why not", if his party emerged as the single-largest party in 2019 general electins.

Modi had launched a blistering attack on the Congress chief's prime ministerial ambition.

Gandhi finished his ninth leg of campaigning for the May 12 Karnataka Assembly polls on Thursday and went all out to mount a direct attack on the BJP over its manifesto, personal slandering and issue-less campaign by Modi.

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