Guru Ka Langar Not A Sanatani Yojna; Sikhs Reject Yojna-Based GST Refunds- Sarna

Kaumimarg Bureau | June 04, 2018 04:22 PM
Guru Ka Langar Not A Sanatani Yojna; Sikhs Reject Yojna-Based GST Refunds- Sarna


NEW DELHI, The SADD lashed out at the BJP-led Modi government and its Badal allies for jointly conspiring to adulterate the evergreen egalitarian philosophy behind Guru Ka Langar with petty partisan commerce borrowed from the Brahmanical school of thought.

Last week, the Badals climbed the rooftop to announce what they called were GST waivers on Guru Ka Langar.

But the cover soon fell when the so-called waiver turned out to be a GST refund under a Sewa Bhoj Yojna scheme of the culture ministry.

“Proponents of Sanatani school of thought be absolutely clear that Guru Nanak’s eternal langar is not a scheme,” SADD chief Paramjit Singh Sarna told the Sangh and Badal Parivar. “Do not expect the Sikhs to accept any government directive to rechristen Guru Ka Langar as a Sewa Bhoj Yojna on official documents to claim a tax refund,” he warned.

S. Sarna reminded the Badals, who went ga-ga with their wickedly misleading statement on the langar GST, that Sikh institutions have traditionally rejected sarkari charity.

“Sikhs have the capacity and are blessed by the Guru to run the institution of langar uninterrupted with or without a GST. They are not going to accept any new definition for Guru Ka Langar for petty concessions,” the SADD president cautioned.

He came down heavily on the Badals and the SGPC and the DSGMC under their control for their audacity to misrepresent the facts in order to advance sinister objectives of their ideological masters.

“The Badals should be shameful of playing into the hands of forces that want to demolish every Sikh tradition and culture,” S. Sarna noted.

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