Meet Rituraj the small screen’s very own Dinanath Chauhan

ks malhotra /#kaumimarg.com | November 03, 2016 12:21 PM
Meet Rituraj the small screen’s very own Dinanath Chauhan

How did the show ‘Trideviyaan’ happen to you?
I was very lucky and grateful to Sonali Jaffer who offered me this role. I had to give an audition
to qualify for the role though after 1993 this is my first audition. But I really enjoyed the audition
and the highlight of this was that I got an opportunity to work with SAB. I have done a lot of
shows earlier on various channels but my show Jersey no 10 with SAB was my favorite. It was
so much fun and the team was full of energy. I used to wonder whether I will get to work with
SAB again and here I am doing this show Trideviyaan.
Tell us about your character Dinanath Chauhan.
I play the character of Dinanath Chauhan who was an ex-cop. After retirement, he is serving the
nation secretly as Agent Himalay. At home, he is a very straight man, soft spoken but at the
very same time he is thorough disciplinarian. He works with his daughter and two daughter in
laws on his mission. Though he is a soft hearted person, his body language changes instantly
once he dons the hat of a secret agent. His command gets stronger and heavier.
How did you prepare yourself for this role?
I belong to an army background, my dad was an army general.I have seen a lot of different
people within my community .So it was easy for me to relate with them. It is always good to play
the role where you can showcase patriotism. All references with my dad’s army background
helped me a lot though it had nothing to do with secret agents. As an actor I had to brush up my
voice modulation skills for this character.
Tell us about the show, how different it is from the other shows.
The story is different as you see a simple family man with his wife, two sons and their wives and
a daughter, but the twist is some of the members are spies working for the country. The three
girls portray the strength of women and how they are able to handle all the situations in their
Tell us about your chemistry with the actors in the show.
The chemistry is very different with these three girls. Being a father in the show, when it comes
to my daughter I feel protective because I don’t want her to feel inferior as I know she is not very
efficient compared to my daughter in laws. My affections are stronger for my daughter in laws
than my two sons. I have an interesting chemistry with my wife and my mother which hits
instantly on screen as they have a stronger hold in the family. I share a different chemistry with
all the members in the family.

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