Sumeet Raghavan and Rupali Bhosle share much in common apart from the sets of their show

Manmeet Singh/ # Kaumimarg.com | November 03, 2016 02:06 PM
Sumeet Raghavan and Rupali Bhosle  share much in common apart from the sets of their show


Badi Door Se Aaye Hai lead pair Sumeet Raghavan and Rupali Bhosle bonded over their common backgrounds — both had worked in the Marathi industry and have done a fair bit of theatre too. These common interests forged a rare comfort level between the two, which helped develop a great chemistry onscreen as well. In a candid conversation, Sumeet and Rupali share interesting bits about their journey as co-stars. Edited excerpts from the conversation.

 So, how did the ice break when you two met on the sets for the first time? 
Sumeet: It took a while initially because this was the first time we were working together. But once we started working on our scenes, we developed a rapport. It helps that she too comes from the Marathi industry and dabbles in theatre as well. Our common backgrounds helped us connect.
Rupali: I must admit it was a little difficult at the start. I was a little nervous when I realised I was being paired opposite Sumeet, given his experience in the industry. But when we started working with each other closely, we got comfortable. Despite his seniority, he was extremely warm. This is my first Hindi serial, and he supported me a lot..

Is there any particular scene that’s made it’s way to your heart so far?
Sumeet: The song sequences on the show are my favourite. I personally feel that they are well-packaged.
Rupali: There was a sequence where our daughter, 333, lands on Earth to meet us. By the end of the episode, I had to see her off, and I felt genuinely bad since I am a mother too.

Where are you most likely to be found during breaks on the sets?
Sumeet: In the makeup room with my guitar.
Rupali: My makeup room.

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