MR vaccination campaign introduced in s.a.s. nagar

Kaumimarg Bureau | May 19, 2018 06:29 PM
MR  vaccination campaign introduced in s.a.s. nagar

. Mohali  The Government of India proposes to eradicate Measles & Rubella diseases fromIndia by 2020. In a message by Mr. C.K. Mishra (Secretary, Department of Health &Family Welfare, New Delhi), the goal of M.R. Campaign is to cover 41 Crore Children ofthe age group of 9 months to below 15 years of age in 2 years. This will be the largestever measles-rubella campaign launched in the world. In another message by Dr. Arun K. Panda (Additional Secretary & MissionDirector, NHM (Govt of India-New Delhi) said that this campaign will cover 36 statesand U.Ts in next 2 years. Till date 13 states including Chandigarh (U.T) have alreadybeen covered and 6 Crore Children have been vaccinated so far. The technical support is being provided by WHO, UNICEF & other agencies.Madam Vandana Gurnani (I.A.S) Joint Secretary (GOI) Ministry of Health & FamilyWelfare, New Delhi, and Dr. Pradeep Haldar (Deputy Commissioner (MM) GOI,Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi are also the brains behind thiscampaign along with several other important officers. The campaign was inaugurated by Sardar Balbir Singh Sidhu Ji (Hon'able Ministerof Labour & Animal Husbandry, Punjab) on 01-May-2018 at S.A.S Nagar. It wasattended by eminent dignitaries like Civil Surgeon Ma'am, Dr Rita Bhardwaj, Dr. ManjitSingh (SMO), Dr. Vijay Bhagat (SMO-2nd), Dr. Tejvir (Paediatrician & Nodal OfficerIncharge) & other Doctors. Press Note. In the ongoing MR Campaign in Mohali District, Total Children vaccinated tilldate are 20,868 (41.09%). The children from the age of 9 months to 15 years are beingvaccinated against two dreaded diseases namely Measles & Rubella (German Measles). About these Diseases These diseases are infectious & spread by droplet infection (coughing &sneezing). The signs & symptoms are similar in both the diseases like high fever, cough,coryza, excessive lacrimation & reddish maculo- papular rash all over the body. The rashstarts from the forehead spreads to area behind the ears & face & then spreads caudally tothe rest of the body covering it all. If is occurs in the windpipe, the patient experiencesdifficulty in breathy.
Other complications of Measles which is caused by a Virus & is a life threateningdisease, include Diarrhoea, encephalitis, joint pains (arthritis). Measles causes disability& untimely death of children. Rubella. Infectious disease caused by virus. It has measles like symptoms. It affects bothboys and girls. However, if a woman gets infected early in her pregnancy, it can result inCongental Rubella Syndrome (CRS) which can be greatly harmful for the foetus & newborn child. The congenital defects are grave & include. Deafness. Blindness (cataract & glaucoma) Enencephaly (small brain)] Malformed heart.These MR vaccines are being given by trained health personnel in all the schools,community centers, anganwadi centres, & Government health centres. It is every safe &does not cause any severe side effects. The child should be given this vaccine, even ifhe/she has already been the MR/MMR vaccine earlier. The five Dispensaries of Civil hospital, S.A.S Nagar & also the civil hospital Phase-6,S.A.S Nagar, have been working fervently since 01-05-2018 to make this compaign agrand success & achieve the goal of vaccinating 50,000 Children (approximately).The latest achievement till date (18-05-2018) is as follows in the 5 dispensaries of CH, Phase-6. Dr Parvinder Kaur (MO I/C Phase-1) 64.08% Dr Manohar (MO I/C Phase-5) 49.72% Dr Kulmit Singh Gill (MO I/C Phase-9) 66.60% Dr. Surinder Kaur (MO I/C Phase-11) 61.67% Dr. Sandeep (MO I/C Phase-7) 35.83%
Dr. Kulmit Singh Gill (MO I/C C.D Phase-9) is leading all at 66.60% who workedvery hard with his 3 teams (3 ANMS) and 9 students from Nursing School, FortisHospital, Phase-8.Names of the 3 ANMS 1. Rajinder Kaur (ANM)2. Mandeep Kaur (MPHW-F)3. Rupinder Kaur (MPHW-F)Names of 9 Students from Nursing School, Fortis Hospital.Team 9 (Under Mandeep Kaur (MPHW-F)1. Manpreet Kaur 2. Anika John.3. Navjot Kaur.Team 10 (Under Rajinder Kaur ANM)1. Priya Kaushik. 2. Parveen Kaur. 3. Vandana Sharma. Team No 11 (Under Rupinder Kaur (MPHW-F)1. Pardeep Kaur 2. Harman Bath. 3. Anuradha. These girls were provided to Dr. Kulmit Singh by Ramneek Ma'am who is theirincharge in Fortis Nursing School. The girls worked very hard & left no stone unturned toachieve this target. Their work has been appreciated by all especially by Dr. Tejvir(Paediatrician & Nodal Officer incharge, Civil Hospital, Phase-6, S.A.S Nagar)Last but not the least, it is noteworthy to mention that Sardar Lakhwinder Singh(Pharmacist) & Sardar Jarnail Singh (Staff Member) worked fervently behind the scene& helped the team to achieve this grand success. Sardar Jagtar Singh (Auto-rickshaw driver) was instrumental in bringing thevaccine from Mini PHC 3B1 every day on time & then transporting the teams to theirrespective vaccination sites (schools, & outreach camps) everyday. He deserves specialmerit.
Details of work schedule followed by teams. Date Name of School Target ChildrenvaccinatedPercentage.01-05-181) Govt. Primary School, Ph-10.2) Guru Nanak Public School, Sec-68240 195 81%02-05-18Mamta Divas 7003-05-181) Smart Kid School, Ph-102) Govt. Primary & Middle School Ph-9339 223 66%04-05-181)Govt. Primary School Ph-92) DAV Senior Secondary School Ph-10416 310 75%05-05-18Manav Mangal Smart School Ph-10 3783 2018 53%06-05-18Sunday07-05-181)Mohali Public School Ph-102) DAV Senior Secondary School Ph-10566 411 73%08-05-181)Woodsberry School Ph-10 2) Shishu Niketan Sec-66576 284 49%09-05-18Mamta Divas 1910-05-18Shishu Niketan School, Sec-66 583 511 88%11-05-18Shishu Niketan School, Sec-66 559 382 68%12-05-18Ryan International School, Sec-66 554 234 42%13-05-18Sunday14-05-181)Govt. Middle School Ph-10.Outreach Camps 2) Shiv Mandir, Ph-93) Universal Hospital, Sec-6899 64271065%15-05-18Outreach Camps1)Housefed Colony Ph-102) Bank Colony Ph-103) Gurudwara Sahib Ph-98316-05-18Mamta Divas 5717-05-18Outreach Camps 1)Harcharan Kamal Gurudwara Ph-102) Pancham Society, Sec-68131
18-05-181)National Public School Ph-3AOutreach Camps2) Mandi Board, Sec-663) Darshan Vihar, Sec-68196 1579480%19-05-181)Guru Gobind Singh School Ph-9Outreach Camp2) PSEB complex, Sec-68230 1882Total Children Vaccinated by Dr. Kulmit Singh Gill's Teams till date are 5470Children. No untoward serious side effects was seen in these Children. In all 15 majorschools in Phase-9, Phase-10, Sector-66, & Sector-66 have been covered by these 3 teams under the able guidance of Dr. Kulmit Singh Gill. Dr. Kulmit Singh Gill M.B.B.S MO I/C Civil Dispensary Phase-9, S.A.S Nagar.

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